At a time of rising costs to provide your service, we work to find the best suited suppliers to ensure you are never paying out more than you need to.

Our supplier partner, Fidelity Payment, allows you to consolidate your payment methods, control your takings and pay a fair, low fee for doing so. Members who have switched have seen some significant savings and efficiency improvements by doing so, so why not speaking to them today to find out how they can help your practice.

Fidelity Payment can offer;

Competitive Rates - We offer a full statement analysis, reviewing your current card payment processing rates and then compare them against our exclusively competitive rates with the two acquiring banks we partner.

Seamless switchover - Once we’ve evaluated our lower rates against your current provider and shown exactly how much we can save you, we ask for all required company information and documents. We then simply draft an application form for you to review and sign before the deal is done. The switchover is seamless!

Simple Installation - We offer different types of payment solutions for these transactions: Card machines, Over the phone, Online payment gateway. Once approved, we send over the card machines within 2-3 days and it is ready to use once plugged in.

24/7 support - We offer 24/7 support, giving each client their own designated account manager to ensure reliability and individual care.

To find out if you would be better off, speak to your VetShare account manager today who can guide you through the introduction process with Fidelity.

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